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Do you have books that you no longer need or want?  We work with several non-profits in the Colorado area.  we donate books to shelters, hospitals, anyone in need of books.  This is a great option for those who are moving, clearing out the contents of an estate, closing a store or cleaning your home.

The benefit to donating is that we will come to you and pick up the books at no charge to you.  Whether you are donating to help others or just to free some space, we will come to you, put in the labor and find a good home for your books.  Simply call us at 303-551-1567 or email: for prompt attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Normally books cannot be recycled directly as paper waste because of the adhesives used to bind them together. In this case books would end up in landfill, which is a complete waste!  We accept your books on your behalf for free, and work to find homes from them via charitable organizations.  As we are a for-profit company, we usually will keep 15% of these donated books to pay for overhead and expenses.  This allows us to continue this free service.

Our aim is to further the lifeline of old books for as long as possible. There’s usually someone who would be happy to receive your books and our job is to find those books a new home.

When this is no longer possible, due to the books being no longer in a readable/usable condition, we will dispose of them in a responsible manner.

Books must be in a reasonable condition.  Highlighting and markings are not ideal, but we can still take those books if the rest of it is intact.  examples of books we cannot take are books with loose spines, mold or mildew, missing pages and books that have water damage.

Up to 80% of book donations we receive go directly to local non-profits who are able to use them.  Currently we donate to:

  • Goodwill Stores, Inc.
  • ARC Thrift
  • Mile High Thrift
  • Jefferson County Libraries
  • Douglas County Libraries
  • Denver County Libraries
  • Friends of the Aurora Libraries
  • Friends of the Loveland Libraries
  • Children’s Hospitals of Colorado
  • YMCA


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